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[ultimate_heading main_heading=”IVF Re-Imagined” default_sub_heading=”Imagine a new experience for your teams and patients.” spacer=”icon_only” icon=”dfd-icon-cloud_chat_2″ icon_size=”32″][/ultimate_heading]

We are fertility. Our team has worked in, run, serviced, and in some cases been patients with fertility centers. Imagen Fertility services and solutions are designed for the day-to-day experience of fertility centers and their patients. Together, lets re-imagine the IVF experience inside and out.

[dfd_service font_size_icon=”24″ connector_style=”solid”][dfd_service_item list_title=”Financial Calculator” list_subtitle=”Creating a Unique Financial Experience” list_icon=”dfd-icon-dollar”]Science has advanced over the last 5 years in Reproductive Endocrinology, and patients have more choices than ever with PGS, PGD, Cryopreservation, and more. Simplify those choices and present them in a clear and concise package.[/dfd_service_item][/dfd_service]
[dfd_service font_size_icon=”24″][dfd_service_item list_title=”Patient Portal” list_subtitle=”Your Patients Are Mobile” list_icon=”dfd-icon-phone”]Generation X is the largest consumers of mobile technology. Why cant they have access to their treatment plans and calendars on their phones?¬†Integrated with your Electronic health Records systems, theres no portal or special apps for your clinical staff to reproduce information.[/dfd_service_item][/dfd_service]
[dfd_service font_size_icon=”24″][dfd_service_item list_title=”Consulting” list_subtitle=”Your Challenges, Our Solutions” list_icon=”dfd-icon-cloud_chat_2″]We bring our patient experience centered mindset to your challenges. Together we can create a solution for you that technically and practically solves issues.[/dfd_service_item][/dfd_service]
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