With our service estimate tool your patient services staff can quote treatment estimates earlier in the testing process. Conditioning patients earlier for the financial decisions soon to come. Simplify those choices and present them in a clear and concise packages.

The Science Has Changed

Science has advanced over the last 5 years in Reproductive Endocrinology, and patients have more choices than ever with PGS, PGD, Cryopreservation, and more. Organize these choices in a manner that makes sense and present them to patients simply.

Theres no equipment to setup. Using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari your patient services can easily access our tools from their web browser. Our design is friendly to iOS and Android devices. You can use tablets to present your financial estimates and agreements to patients.

So Has Your Policies

Your centers financial policies and procedures can be confusing to patient services staff. Simplify the process by technically enforcing your policies and pricing and removing memory and training issues from your financial process.

Only 14% of Americans say they have an understanding of what their Co-Pay,
Deductible and Co-Insurance is.With our tool, your financial counselor can explain benefits and insurance coverage clearly.

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